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A Monk's Story - Phrakhru Pradittheerakhun

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

2 years ago when the pandemic was mercilessly consuming every single job & life in the world (including mine), I felt down & lousy. Out of nowhere one morning, a message surprisingly popped up on my Facebook messenger. It read, "ขอให้โชคดี มีสุขภาพแข็งแรง การเงิน การงาน ครอบครัว เจริญก้าวหน้า มั่งคั่ง ร่ำรวย มีชัยชนะ Good luck, good health, financial, work, family, prosperity, wealth, victory. 祝你好運,身體健康,財務,工作,家庭,繁榮,財富,勝利." The person who sent me this message was Kruba (meaning teacher), & that was how my story begun & how I got to know the humble, kind & compassionate monk who is now my beloved spiritual teacher - Phrakhru Pradittheerakhun. Also known to many around Asia as Kruba Paramee.

Exclusive Interview With Phrakhru Pradittheerakhun (Kruba Paramee)

Phrakhru Pradittheerakhun ( Kruba Paramee)

Kruba Paramee is the current abbot of Wat Ubosot (Saen Tor) located at the Hang Dong District in Chiang Mai. Legend says that the sacred temple was built by Queen Chao Mae Chamathewi who was the first ruler of the Hariphunchai during the 7th Century.

Temple ground

Queen Chamathewi was not only loved by her subjects, she was an able military leader who fought in various victorious battles. Her empathy for the people eventually laid the foundation of one of Thailand’s great ancient kingdoms. The former abbot of the temple mentioned that while he was meditating, the holy spirit of Phra Chao Mae Chamadevi came to him & told him this temple was built by her & that it will prosper in time to come.

Phra Chao Mae Chamathewi Shrines

Even though raising temple funds were a challenge, Kruba always put the lives of others before him. He often tended to the villagers who came to him. He started to refurbish the shrines & meditation halls & cared for everyone who approached him for help regardless of any social standing over the past 20 odd years. This earned him tremendous respect in the community.

Giving Rice to the Financially Challenged During the Pandemic

Kruba actually became the temple's abbot when he was only 25 years old in 1997 after the former abbot passed away. Entrusted with an abandoned temple the size of approximately 2 football fields is no easy feat. However, with his determination & the help from the villagers & disciples in Asia, a modest prayer hall was built.

Prayer Hall in Lanna Style

The temple is currently undergoing refurbishments so it can allow more people to practice meditation & understand the teachings of the Buddha which aims to promote peace & harmony.

New Prayer Hall & New Road

I was so humbled by his grace as he would bless me daily without fail for the past 2 years that I decided to fly to Chiang Mai to visit him when the boarders were opened last month. I was blessed to be able to experience monkhood for a short period of time, learning meditation & the true meaning of right understanding; right thought; right speech; right action; right livelihood; right effort; right mindfulness; & finally right concentration.

Me as a Monk & My Bed

Having conversations with Kruba actually made me treasure life more. I asked Kruba why doesn't he get the electric insect repellent when there are many mosquitos in the temple. Why does he still use the net as a protection from these pests? Isn't he afraid of dengue fever? He smiled & said, "well, using the electric insect repellent would kill them". The compassion from him is simply out of this world. I too got to know that over the past years, he has adopted & provided for more than 30 children.

Kruba & his 2 Novices

Life as a monk was peaceful. Through the meditation method taught by Kruba, it helped me clear negative thoughts & behave more wisely. I begin realising that life is actually very simple. It is us who overthinks & confuse matters most of the time.

Sunrise at the Temple

For donation opportunities & information about Kruba, please click here

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Wat Ubosot (Saen Tor) is located at 274 Village No. 6, Nam Phrae Subdistrict, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province


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