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A Safe Haven - Thailand Children's Home

Anyone close to me will know that I am very involved in serving the common good. As a public relations professional, I somehow managed to develop the art of influencing people. Thus over the years, I took on this journey to make the world a little kinder with like-minded friends in our own humble way.

Caring for under-privileged children with friends Non & Kornphachara. (pre-covid-19)

Thailand is a place I travel to frequently before Covid-19, about 5 or 6 times a year. Some say its the charm, others think its the people & perhaps it might be the girl I used to date. But for me, The Land of Smiles is where I started my hospitality career, I had to give back. Back then, I was heavily involved in the pre-opening of a prestigious serviced apartment in Bangkok. That is when I truly learnt about the beautiful Thai culture & also areas that I can contribute to.

Temple building with friends Non & Kornphachara. (pre-Covid-19)

I was interested in many areas of giving. Building temples, contributing to hospital needs, sponsoring events for the physically challenged etc etc. What managed to touch my heartstrings to the fullest are children. It was a trip to Korat with my friends from Thailand in 2019 that we decided to visit Thailand Children's Home.

My friend เป๋าตุง โต๊ะพระ buying necessary items for the Children's Home. (pre-Covid-19)

A private orphanage in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand Children's Home was established on the 31 October 1987 by Mrs. Chulaporn Eurwisawakul. The kind hearted lady took in orphans from the age of 3 & took care of them until these children were self-reliant & able to take care of themselves.

Mrs. Chulaporn Eurwisawakul with children & a donor. (photo by Thailand Children's Home)

Funding was scarce & more so during Covid-19 but the home continued to take in children who were abandoned, who came from broken families & children whose parents couldn't provide appropriate upbringing.

My lovely girls Angel & Bai Fern whom I haven't seen for 18 months since Covid-19 started.

I got to know from teacher Kittipon that some children were even discarded at the home's doorstep when they were only infants. My heart was extremely shattered then. The need to care for these children should be immediate & sustainable. I immediately made the decision to provide education for my 2 girls who were 9 & 10 years of age until they completed university.

Photo by Thailand Children's Home

Today Thailand Children's Home houses close to 25 children, providing them shelter, food, education, loads of love & most importantly an opportunity in life.

With the children & teacher Kittipon of Thailand Children's Home. (pre-Covid-19)

For donation opportunities, please contact Thailand Children's Home at:

Thailand Children's Home address:

Thailand Children's Home number: +66 818782886

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